J’adore: Dick Taylor Chocolate

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August 22, 2013 by cookingtofeel

Dark chocolate is a must for me. I mean, it tastes great, is versatile, and is healthy (hello, antioxidants). What I love even more than dark chocolate is bean-to-bar chocolate. This craze has swept the nation and the world, making chocolate an art and not just a food. (To read more about bean-to-bar chocolate, check out a past column I wrote for The Chant-turn to page 18!)


Dick Taylor Chocolate is a small batch, bean-to-bar craft chocolate factory in Arcata, California that sources fair-trade cacao and turns the raw ingredients into chocolate in-house. It takes Dick Taylor Chocolate over a month to complete this process (read more about the roasting and winnowing and all of the other steps here!), so you know it’s good stuff! They also use organic cacao and organic cane sugar and leave out vanilla, additional cocoa butter, and other emulsifiers. Can it get any better?!

Well, wait until you taste their chocolate! I had the chance to taste the 72% Madagascar, Sambirano Valley bar and the Fleur De Sel bar, which were beyond my expectations! If you’ve never tried bean-to-bar chocolate, it’s a whole different experience. You really get the chance to taste each different type of cacao used.


The 72% bar was, of course, from Madagascar. It was so, so dark (my favorite!) and you could really taste the berry and citrus notes. I mean, I’ve never had chocolate where I could taste things other than chocolate. And seriously, citrus and chocolate? I think Dick Taylor Chocolate was made for me.



The Fleur De Sel bar was so different from the 72% bar and shone in its own way. It’s made with hand-harvested sea salt and Dick Taylor Chocolate‘s 74% Dominican Republic chocolate. This bar was smokier and darker than the 72% bar, and was overall pretty intense. I loved trying it because it surprised me so much! I’ve never been blown away by a chocolate bar, nor have I tasted so much intensity from one.


The bars from Dick Taylor Chocolate are also packaged gorgeously and have a beautiful design on the bars themselves. I would love to order each of their bars (which also include flavors like 72% Belize, Toledo and Black Fig) and host a chocolate tasting with some friends! It would be such a fun activity to do and tasting each individual chocolate would be a different experience each bite.

The products in this post were provided by Dick Taylor Chocolate. All opinions are my own and I don’t endorse a product if I don’t love it!

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