I’m on a Mission


August 23, 2013 by cookingtofeel

Bahamas Methodist Habitat Mission Trip

Usually, I’m not about promoting myself on my blog, but I’m fundraising for an important cause and I need your help! I’m going on a mission trip to the Bahamas in December and it’s pretty pricey! But it will be totally worth it!

Many people don’t realize how much poverty exists in the Bahamas; all we see are resorts and cruise ships. But many people surrounding the cruise ship destinations and beaches live in poorly constructed houses and don’t have much at all compared with tourists.

When I go to the Bahamas, I’ll either be building a house or working with children at a camp. Please, please help me with this mission! Whether you can donate money or just keep me in your prayers, I would greatly appreciate it!

I’ve set up a Razoo account to fundraise and have different increments of donations listed. Plus, if you live in or near Atlanta or Athens, GA you can get an assorted package of 10 homemade marshmallows (original, chocolate-covered, + funfetti!) for only $10! And I’ll be cooking up some marshmallows during Labor Day Weekend, so order soon to get marshmallows in September!

Thank you so much for any and all help!



One thought on “I’m on a Mission

  1. Goodluck! This sounds like an amazing way to spend Christmas time giving back!

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