Mighty Brittle

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June 19, 2014 by cookingtofeel

You all have had peanut brittle, right? Well, meet Mighty Brittle, peanut brittle’s amped up cousin! Mighty Brittle is all natural, gluten-free, no corn syrup-added, pecan brittle! This results in a richer, bolder taste that is just perfect. Plus, Mighty Brittle takes their original Maple Pecan Brittle and uses it as a base for four other brittles: Chai! Chai! Chai!, Orange Blossom, Cayenne, and Espresso Cacao. Delish!

Mighty Brittle Maple Pecan

The original Maple Pecan uses local maple syrup and all natural pecans, and has the perfect balance of sweet and salty. It has such a deep, nutty flavor that will definitely leave you wanting more! Plus, this brittle tastes amazing crumbled over any flavor of ice cream–trust me!

Mighty Brittle Chai! Chai! Chai!

Chai! Chai! Chai! actually tastes like gingerbread to me and I love it! While I love the other flavors a bunch, Chai! Chai! Chai! is tied for my favorite flavor along with Espresso Cacao. It’s made with ultra-premium Reishi Chai, which is absolutely divine! It’s perfect for all of you tea lovers out there, but can still be enjoyed by those who aren’t fans of tea!

Mighty Brittle Orange Blossom

Orange Blossom is delicate and fresh and is waaay different than any brittle you’ve ever had–in a good way! I love the flavor of the orange oil combined with the pecans!

Mighty Brittle Cayenne

Woah is the Cayenne hot! It’s definitely not for the faint of heart and the cayenne flavor is totally unassuming! You can’t smell it and you don’t immediately taste it, but then it hits ya! So, so good!

Mighty Brittle Espresso Cacao

Espresso Cacao is perfect for any coffee or dark chocolate lover, which means it’s perfect for me! This brittle has espresso beans and cacao beans, which makes for a bitter, yet still sweet, coffee flavor. I think this may be my new way to get my caffeine fix!

I received these brittles to review courtesy of Mighty Brittle, but I would never endorse a product or company I don’t love! 

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