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August 12, 2013 by cookingtofeel

Today is my first day of classes at UGA, which means that some changes are about to go down on Caramel and Salt. I’m going to keep posting as much as I can (definitely at least two or three times a week), but I don’t know what the content will be. It’ll take me some time to get settled into Athens and figure out how to fit my blog into my new lifestyle.

I won’t be having as many recipes and food-related posts on here, except for the occasional Local Spotlight or food posts when I visit home, so my blog might be taking on more of a style, college life, and Athens/UGA activities foccus while I’m at college. I hope not to lose any of my readers, but my blog is about me; there’s no way I can’t include posts about college, Athens, and UGA. While I’m at home for breaks, however, my posts will be more Atlanta and food centered.

My schedule might also be a bit wonky. I might be too busy to write posts some days, so there might be posts clustered together on the weekends, or spread out through the week, or even multiples posts in one day. It just depends! As I figure out all of this college stuff, things will begin to settle down more on Caramel and Salt.

Thanks for bearing with this new change in my life and I hope you all will still enjoy Caramel and Salt.

xo Maddie

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