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August 13, 2013 by cookingtofeel

I recently discovered Darby Smart, a crafty company that lets you order DIY kits designed by some very talented designers, and could not wait to try out one of the kits! I love being crafty, but sometimes I find it too hard to come up with an idea, go to the store and find supplies, and then find some way to put everything together. It’s way too overwhelming! Darby Smart does all of the hard stuff for you: they have an idea, write up instructions, and send you all the supplies you need! Now, there’s no excuse for me not to DIY!


I crafted using the Champagne Toasters kit–I loved the versatility of the toasters and I’ve always wanted to try etching! My mom and I decided to do this craft together because she’s super crafty and it was fun to do something together before I leave for college!

While this kit is for Champagne Toasters, Darby Smart encourages you to go wild with your crafting! So, we decided to deviate from the original craft and create clean, simple flower vases! I thought mine would be a great addition to the vintage soda bottles and glass vases on my desk.


My mom used some masking tape to create a large stripe on her vase and it turned out pretty well! It was harder to etch a larger area compared to etching just the letters. I etched “fleur” on my vase, which is the French word for flower! And my mom and I both made one vase with “thanks” on it so we can give it to someone as a thank you gift!


The kit includes everything you need, even a practice glass! The instructions are incredibly detailed and it was great to learn a new skill that my mom and I have always wanted to know.

All of Darby Smart‘s kits are great for the gal who loves to craft but never knows what to make or how to make it. They’d be great to do with a few of your friends for a girls night, or as a gift for someone! Plus, Darby Smart offers so many kits from different designers and they keep adding different ones! Check them out!


Thanks Darby Smart!

The product in this post were provided by Darby Smart. All opinions are my own and I don’t endorse a product if I don’t love it!

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