College 101: Sororities


November 14, 2013 by cookingtofeel

Gamma Sigma Sigma

Okay. So, this isn’t going to be a post forcing you to join a sorority, nor is it going to be one forcing you not to. Rather, it’s going to be about my experiences and advice about pledging a sorority and the thoughts I have on it.

I never thought I would be one to pledge a sorority; I was super against it when I applied for college, got into college, and started college. Even though my mom and aunt are Phi Mu’s and my dad’s a Pi Kappa Phi, I just didn’t think Greek life was for me. I had this specific image of “sorority girl” in my head: a super blond, super pretty, super preppy, super peppy, party girl and I did not want to be that.

I was still against sororities well into my second month at UGA and even scoffed at girls who went through the grueling few days of Panhellenic rush and had to dress up for chapter and obey sometimes silly rules in order to be a pledge in their sorority.

But then Bekah brought up Gamma Sigma Sigma, the national service sorority, one day when we were doing homework (or, more likely, procrastinating). And I thought to myself “Why not?” Why not go to rush and check it out? Why not see if Gamma Sig might be right for me? So, I ended up going to the few days of rush and absolutely fell in love after the first day.

Wee-Oop Day Duck Calls and Overalls Social

Pledging Gamma Sig is one of the best decisions I have made at UGA so far and I am so glad that I opened my mind to this sorority. I love everything about being in a sorority: the girls, the sisterhood, my Big and my huge family, the socials, and (even though this is more specific to Gamma Sig) the service. Gamma Sig has taught me that even if you don’t want to pledge a sorority or don’t think that it’s for you, there might be a sorority for you.

Betterment at the Corn Maze

Reveal Day with my Big! My amazing Gamma Sig family

I’m not telling you to make a rushed decision and pledge a sorority, rather, I’m suggesting to research the different sororities on your campus and maybe try it out. If you end up not liking being in a sorority, then it’s okay! It’s not a huge decision that will impact the rest of your life and you can just drop the sorority. I just know that if Gamma Sig is the perfect fit for me, even after I swore I would never be in a sorority, then maybe there’s a sorority out there for you!

Initiation/Most Gamma Sig Spirit superlative

One thought on “College 101: Sororities

  1. Taylor Kiley says:

    I loved this. I’m so happy you decided to join Gamma Sig and have so much passion for our sorority. We love you!

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