Thumbs Cookies

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June 6, 2014 by cookingtofeel

Thumbs Cookies

Clearly I’m on a cookie roll because I found yet another cookie that I love, Thumbs Cookies! I got the opportunity to try these petite treats and they’re so unique and tasty! The flavors Thumbs Cookies has dreamed up aren’t your common cookie flavors–and that’s a good thing! They’re sophisticated and different, making you want to have another one to figure out that ingredient you can’t quite put your finger on.

I tried the classic shortbread, apricot pistachio cardamom, and ginger clove cookies and while they were all delish, I have to say that my favorite was the apricot pistachio cardamom! It was so exotic tasting and had just the right amount of spice, nuttiness, and fruity tang. The ginger clove was so warm and reminded me of a winter night curled up next to the fireplace, and the classic (of course) was as good as the other two!

Thumbs Cookies

The “Thumb Maker” Robyn adapted these recipes (including the three I tried, chocolate hazelnut sandwich, double chocolate, and rosemary candied pecan) from her mother’s recipes that she bakes for the family and for special occasions. These cookies are definitely made with love! Give ’em a try (you won’t be sorry!)!

I was sent samples of these cookies by Thumbs Cookies, but I would never endorse a product or company I don’t love (and I definitely love these cookies!).

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