G Mommas Cookies


May 29, 2014 by cookingtofeel

G Mommas Cookies

I got the chance to try G Mommas Cookies after I had heard rave reviews of them online. And let me tell you: they live up to the hype! Selma Good sent me their BuddaScotch Oatmeal cookies and Chocolate Chip with Pecans cookies to sample. These cookies are so good! They’re bite-sized (perfect for portion control!), thin and crispy, come in a great package that can travel with you (I enjoyed some at the lake with my family one day!), and taste amazing.

BuddaScotch Cookies Chocolate Chip with Pecans Cookies G Mommas Cookies


They’re also a twist on classic cookie recipes; the classic oatmeal cookie has butterscotch in it instead of raisins (I never liked those weird little dried fruits anyway) and the classic chocolate chip cookie has pecans. And what’s even better is that the packages come with serving suggestions! Try their BuddaScotch Oatmeal with coffee and their Chocolate Chip with Pecans with milk! I did and it enhanced the flavors even more!

BuddaScotch Oatmeal Chocolate Chip with Pecans


G Mommas Cookies have no preservatives, are Kosher, and are made with real ‘Budda’! Plus, the Chocolate Chip with Pecans is all natural and the BuddaScotch Oatmeal has no high fructose corn syrup. So, that means that these cookies are good for you and should be eaten daily, of course! (I’m only slightly kidding)

Selma Good Founder Robert Armstrong

Selma Good Founder Robert Armstrong

Robert in Selma Good's first kitchen

Robert in Selma Good’s first kitchen

Selma Good's first location

Selma Good’s first location

I also love the story behind Selma Good. It’s a small company that started out of Alabama and the cookies are recipes from founder Robert Armstrong’s grandmother. Selma Good doesn’t sell your typical mass-produced, loveless cookies, but rather cookies that have a rich history and so much care and love put into them. Check them out if you’re a fan of cookies, love, and delish treats!


All photos and graphics except for the one of the plated cookies with milk are courtesy of Selma Good. 

I received these cookies to review courtesy of Selma Good, but I would never endorse a product or company I don’t love! 

3 thoughts on “G Mommas Cookies

  1. Paul says:

    You are not kidding about these cookies! I found some at a local store awhile back, and all I can say is, “WOW.” Both kinds are delicious, but I’d say my favorite is the chocolate chip with pecans. And I agree with you on the nice size for portion control. The only problem is, it doesn’t solve the problem of “self control.” LOL

  2. Alice Barnette says:

    Where can I buy these cookies ?

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