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May 13, 2014 by cookingtofeel

I don’t really have one thing to post about today, but I have many! So much has already happened in the less than a week of summer I’ve had and I’m so pumped for the rest of summer. Even though I miss my friends from UGA so, SO much, I know seeing them will be even more special to me after spending time apart 🙂 Here are a few things from my life lately:

My mom, Riley, and I tried Chick-a-Biddy yesterday for Mother’s Day and absolutely loved it! I had the wood grilled piri piri chicken with creamy mac n’ cheese, onion rings, and a peach, orange, + honey smoothie. It was so good! I definitely recommend Chick-a-Biddy for a bite to eat if you’re ever in Atlantic Station. We also saw Neighbors, which was absolutely hilarious, and accidentally wandered into a Violent Femmes concert after dinner! Shaky Knees music festival was going on while we were at Atlantic Station, but we had no idea the Violent Femmes would be playing right as we finished paying for dinner. So, my mom and I ran two blocks and posted ourselves near a chain link fence to watch them perform!! It was seriously amazing and was the most perfect day 🙂

Chick-a-Biddy Me and My Mom Violent Femmes

I love finding new recipes to make, and Livin’ Like Larz has the perfect new recipe, an acai bowl! Check out her video below to learn how to make this delish dish–I know I’ll definitely be whipping this up a few times this summer!

I’m super excited to get caught up with my blog reading, book reading, magazine reading, and TV watching this summer! Most of the days this summer you’ll probably find me on my back porch, reading or watching TV, curled up with Jules–up until my trip to Europe! I seriously cannot wait to visit Europe and my cousins, aunt, and uncle whom I haven’t seen in two years! It’s going to be incredible! I’ve also got some guest posters lined up, so don’t worry–Caramel and Salt isn’t going anywhere during July!

Stay tuned for more of my summer!

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