College 101: End of My First Year


May 6, 2014 by cookingtofeel

I’ve officially made it through my first year at UGA! It’s been such an amazing year and while school has been stressful, I’ve loved every single second of my experience here. Since I’ve survived my first year at college, I’ve put together some tips for future college freshmen to help you guys have the best first year at college you could possibly have. Enjoy!

First UGA Football Game Gamma Sig Wee-Oop Day Duck Calls and Overalls Social UGA Football Game Halloween Social

  • Put studying first, but don’t forget to have fun too. It was pretty hard for me to find a balance between work and fun, but I think I’ve finally gotten the hang of it. I make sure my daily schedule isn’t too packed with school work so that I can relax and have fun with my friends and sisters, but I also make sure I’m not doing something fun every single day and night. It’s all about balance and even though it takes some getting used to, you’ll figure out the right balance of work and play for you!

The Arch Gamma Sig Charity Challenge Big/Little Reveal Gamma Sig Semi Formal Gamma Sig Initiation

  • Get a job on campus! Even though working has taken up quite a bit of my time (especially first semester!), it’s such a valuable experience. I’ve met so many great people and have actually had fun at work, while earning money and having something to put on my resume. Just make sure you don’t work too many hours!

Rocky Horror Picture Show Downtown Athens Downtown Athens Downtown Athens Gamma Sig Family Day at Gym Dawgs Meet

  • Give sorority life a chance. I was super against rushing a sorority in college, even though my mom’s a Phi Mu, but I’m so incredibly glad I pledged Gamma Sigma Sigma. I know, I know. I could go on (and have gone on) forever about how great Gamma Sig is and how much I love it and the girls I’ve met in it. But I’m not kidding; being in a sorority is worth a shot and if it really isn’t for you, then no harm, no foul. But you should definitely give it a chance, and you’ll still walk away with new friends!

Gamma Sig Family Day Pentatonix Concert at Georgia Theatre Gamma Sig Karaoke for Kids Downtown Athens Gamma Sig Sisterhood Retreat

  • Don’t party too hard. I never really partied too hard, but there were a few times where I went a bit too hard and totally regretted it. College definitely isn’t all about partying, but if you do decide to go downtown and go to parties, make sure you still get enough sleep, don’t go too hard, and don’t forget about your classes and homework!

Relay for Life Relay for Life

  • Explore you college’s town. One of the best parts about my first year at UGA was exploring everything Athens has to offer. I totally recommend exploring the town where you’ll be for the next few years of your life and getting to know the local scene, food, and lifestyle. I know UGA definitely wouldn’t be the same without Athens!

My Gamma Sig Family Gamma Sig Formal Chapter Downtown Athens

  • Don’t dread the roommate experience, even if you don’t know your roommate. I know that this is something most everyone stresses out about, and while I’ve heard some roommate horror stories, I’ve had the most amazing experience with my roommate. I didn’t know Chandler coming into college, but she’s now one of my best friends and my freshman year definitely wouldn’t have been the same without her. Plus, she’s introduced me to so many great TV shows that I can watch while procrastinating 🙂 Make an effort to get to know your roommate; you never know, she could become one of your closest friends!

I hope this little list helps some of you, and just remember that college isn’t scary! You might be nervous and intimidated by it at first, but it is so, so amazing. I’m so excited for everyone who’ll be beginning their college journeys in August and for everyone who has just completed their first year at college. You all rock!

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2 thoughts on “College 101: End of My First Year

  1. Zuri says:

    Glad you had a great first year and good luck on many more!

  2. These are all great tips! Ahhh some days I really miss college. Freshman year was such an amazing experience (and a learning experience). Jealous you have a couple more years left…make sure to take it all in because it flies by and before you know it you’re graduating!
    -Patty (

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