College 101: Getting Involved


March 12, 2014 by cookingtofeel

College 101: Getting Involved

A major thing that everyone says about college is to “get involved.” While this is true, I’ve learned to get involved only to an extent. I have this problem where I tend to take on too much because I want to do so much and I feel lazy and bored without having a billion things to do, but this causes me to become so stressed out and so exhausted.

In college, you have to pick and choose what to get involved with. I’m involved in my sorority (Gamma Sigma Sigma), DiGamma Kappa (UGA’s broadcasting society), Newsource (UGA Grady’s student-run news show), UGA Freshley (the on-campus methodist ministry for freshmen), UGA Relay for Life, and various community service opportunities here and there. This is so much stuff! But the thing is, I want to be involved in all of these because every organization involves something I love.

But when I first got to UGA, there was so much more I wanted to do; I don’t even know how I thought I was going to be involved in all of the organizations I wanted to be involved in, while still having classes and a job. I had to choose what I really wanted to be involved in on my list and what I’m most passionate about.

Getting involved also requires you to become a master of time management. And I know you all have heard about how important time management is before, but it’s really true! I have a monthly calendar in my planner and I put each event/meeting I have, the time it’s at/ends, and where it is on the correct day slot. This not only helps me remember that I have something that day, but it also keeps me from double-booking a time slot in my day since I can see what I have and when I have it.

I also have to choose between which events in the organizations I’m involved in to participate in. I try to do as much as I can, but there are just some events that I can’t fit into my schedule or I have to not attend because I know I’ll be too busy if I do attend.

So, to summarize, here are my basic tips to getting involved:

  1. Be choosy. Choose which organizations you’re going to be involved in based on what you’re passionate about and how many hours of classes you’re taking/how many hours you’re working.
  2. Plug events and meetings into your calendar. Keep a monthly calendar and make sure to put when and where each event/meeting is to help keep you organized.
  3. You don’t have to attend every event. Make sure you’re not so involved that you have no time for relaxation or spending time with your friends, or that you slack off on school work. Knowing your limits is key to picking which events to attend!

One thought on “College 101: Getting Involved

  1. Reblogged this on from campus with love and commented:
    This is beyond true. It’s easy to get overextended in college, especially freshman year. I’ve learned to be more flexible with my involvements and realistic about what I can and cannot do while still finishing my work and having a social life.

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