J’adore: Tiny Buffalo Baking Co.


February 19, 2014 by cookingtofeel

Tiny Buffalo Baking Co.

A few months ago, I started seeing photos of delicious treats all over my Atlanta friends’ Instagrams. I just had to know who made these sweets! And I finally found out at Root City Market!

Tiny Buffalo Baking Co. is an amazing Atlanta-based company that makes all sorts of treats, but without all of the artificial flavors and preservatives you would see in store-bought treats and candies. This company believes in the notion of Small but Mighty; they make everything to order and really make you feel as if they put so much love and care into your order. They package each batch of treats in its own bag, with the ingredients listed, the date it was packaged on, and who it was packaged by. Tiny Buffalo Baking Co. is doing business the right way!

Pistachio Scones

Cranberry Vanilla Granola Sea Salt Caramels

Tiny Buffalo Baking Co. sent me some sweets to try and boy, did I love every single one of them! I got to try the Cranberry Vanilla Tiny Buffalo Granola, Sea Salted Caramels, Pistachio Vanilla Bean Petite Scones, and Ginger Molasses Chocolate Chip Cookies. I shared most of the treats with my friend Drew (because what’s better than sharing sweets with your friends?) and we both agreed that this is some good stuff.

The cookies are so soft and moist, and have just the right amount of spice and depth from the ginger and molasses. The chocolate chips also add a little something extra to the overall flavor and texture of the cookie. The scones are TO DIE FOR. I gobbled up more than half of these scones at once because I just couldn’t help myself! First of all, I love tiny food. Second of all, I love scones. And the pistachios and vanilla bean are the icing on the cake–err, scone. I was so, so excited for the caramels because anyone who knows me (or looks at my blog’s title) knows that I absolutely love salted caramel. And these lived up to my expectations! The caramels are so soft and buttery and just melt in your mouth. The last treat I tried was the granola and it just reminded me of love and hugs and warmth. All of the flavors are so subtle, yet work together perfectly. This is one of those granolas that I could just eat out of the bag while watching Netflix, it’s that good!

I highly suggest you all check out Tiny Buffalo Baking Co. and get yourselves some of their sweets ASAP!

One thought on “J’adore: Tiny Buffalo Baking Co.

  1. Hoda says:

    Ahh this looks sooo delicious! Pistachio scones?! *swoon*

    <(") Hoda
    JooJoo Azad ~ Free Bird

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