College 101: Seeing Those Grades and Getting Back on Your Feet

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December 18, 2013 by cookingtofeel

Worrying Will Never Change the Outcome

Like many of my friends, my grades for my first semester at college aren’t what I was hoping for. College is a huge adjustment, not just the living away from home and more independence part, but also the academic part. College classes and tests are way harder in most cases than high school classes and tests. So, here are some tips to brush yourself off and kick next semester’s butt!

  • Enjoy your winter break! Don’t stress about your grades and GPA–there’s nothing you can do about them during these three or so weeks!
  • Get prepared for next semester! Get all of your books ordered to make sure you don’t rush the day classes start and end up spending $400 on books, know the difficulty of your classes and make sure you can handle them, and prepare yourself mentally for the upcoming semester.
  • Come up with a game plan for next semester! Bekah and I decided to spend more nights studying in the student center next semester. Even though we’re both people watchers and could get distracted, there’s way less to do for entertainment in the student center and we’ll have each other there to encourage us and keep us going. Plus, there’s coffee in the student center, which is always helpful!
  • Don’t overload yourself next semester! I learned this firsthand. I was working 6 hours (until close!) every Tuesday and Thursday at Chick-fil-A, which was a lot for me to handle during my first semester of college. I decided to change my hours for next semester so that I’ll be working three hours a day for four days out of the week. That way, I’ll be earning more money, but it’ll be way more manageable and I’ll have enough time for Gamma Sig stuff, DGK stuff, and studying each night. You’ve just gotta make your schedule work!


I hope these tips help you make next semester even better than the past semesters!

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