Women in Horror Films


October 28, 2013 by cookingtofeel


My amazing, super talented friend Nathan of This is 17 recently started a feminist blog called She Did, along with a few other people. It feels so good to me to see people starting outlets like this that spread the message of feminism and what it actually is. I contributed a little something to She Did and would love for you all to check it out (it’s about zombies and is super fitting for Halloween week)!

I should be back with regular posts pretty soon; next week is not going to be fun with three major tests, but I’m planning a few things for Caramel and Salt in the coming weeks. Hang in there with me!

One thought on “Women in Horror Films

  1. Totally loved your post. Every Halloween I absolutely dread from a feminist perspective – it’s smutty costumes and someone dragging you to see a move where stunningly pretty girls get hacked up everywhere you turn. Now, women as zombies? Ugh. Thanks for sharing. ‘She Did’ is great too!

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