August 2013 Wrap-Up

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September 1, 2013 by cookingtofeel

This wrap-up is a day late, but I’ve been pretty busy! August was my first month of college and I have had so much fun so far. Of course I miss my family and friends back home, but I’ve met so many great friends at UGA (who you’ll definitely be hearing about on my blog), learned so much, and have had so many classic college experiences. I’ll be starting a new series in September called “College 101” that will follow my first year at UGA and all of the things I’ve learned, which is perfect for anyone heading to college next year! Look out for that coming up soon! I’m also going to get back into style posts, with the photography help of my friend Denali. I’m definitely excited about that! So, keep reading Caramel and Salt for all of the changes and stories that come with college life.

Snapshots of my month from Instagram (make sure to follow me @MaddieSwab):

Winnie Friends Dorm Room University of Georgia Sanford Stadium Friends Gigi's Cupcakes Athens, Georgia Cake Decorating The Spectacular Now University of Georgia Jules Wendy's Frosty Waffle Cone

From top left to right: Playing with Winnie in the park before I left for college; saying goodbye to Jordan after our last Popsicle Monday; a snapshot of my dorm room; between the hedges at Sanford Stadium for UGA’s Freshmen Welcome; with Bekah and Denali at Freshmen Welcome; Gigi’s Cupcakes with Bekah and Amanda after we finished our first week of classes (I had Strawberry Lemonade–the one with the yellow frosting); cake decorating with Jordan during a visit home; The Spectacular Now; a snapshot of UGA’s campus; baby Jules; Wendy’s Frosty waffle cone

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