J’adore: Dorm Food


August 2, 2013 by cookingtofeel

As I’m getting ready for move-in day on August 6, I’ve been writing so many to-do lists for moving in and getting acclimated to the college lifestyle: what furniture to get for my dorm, what events to attend in August to get involved on campus, what books I need for classes (this is a pricey list and isn’t fun!), and, most importantly, what food to bring for dorm snacking! Of course, UGA has awesome dining halls with every food you could imagine (and one is even open 24 hours!), but there are just some times when you need a little snack and don’t want to trek across campus to get it. Plus, there are a few staples I can’t live without!

food1 copy

DAVIDsTEA fruit white teas

Trader Joe’s dark chocolate caramel + black Hawaiian sea salt bars + Trader Joe’s beurre meuniere popcorn

food4 copy

Trader Joe’s spicy chai latte mix

Any and all dried fruits (berries and mango are my favorites!) + Chobani Greek yogurts–my favorites are the pear, blood orange, and chocolate chunk flavors!

3 thoughts on “J’adore: Dorm Food

  1. Thanks for the suggestions! I will be a freshman, and am always looking for dorm ideas on Pinterest!

  2. Haley says:

    I love that chai tea mix!! Thank goodness Trader Joe’s is a ten minute drive from school! Last year, I had many classes where we didn’t even use our books. I am going to wait until the first day of school this semester before I pick any up at the bookstore. The dining halls really are delicious! And the food possibilities are endless. Welcome to Athens! (:

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