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July 18, 2013 by cookingtofeel


Everyone loves macarons, but it takes a talented (and persevering) person to actually make them, let alone make a business out of them! That’s just what local Atlantan Xanna Kidd has done with XK Macarons.

Xanna started XK Macarons in April 2013 to bake for friends, but it soon grew into a business, with Xanna offering classic, unique, and delicious flavors such as Earl Grey Lavender with a White Chocolate Ganache and Orange Creamsicle. Her macarons are also gluten free, so everyone can enjoy this French delicacy! XK Macarons can be found at Mae’s Bakery in Atlanta and Land of a Thousand Hills in Roswell, as well as online. Xanna doesn’t offer shipping just yet, but she delivers and offers pick up options at Mae’s Bakery. Plus, a box of XK Macarons would make a great gift for anyone’s birthday!

I recently had the chance to meet up with Xanna and ask her a few questions about XK Macarons:

What inspired you to start XK Macarons?

“Being able to make them and not spend a lot of money on buying them–I never intended for it to become a business! Actually, I started the Facebook page for friends and eventually more people started wanting them. I used to bake them at home, and I could only bake a small batch. But now I bake them at Mae’s Bakery and I’m able to bake a lot more!”

Why macarons?

“I saw them online and then tried them and ended up loving them!”

When and where did you have your first macaron?

“It was at Whole Foods two years ago and I didn’t like them because they tasted stale, but then at Douceur de France I had my first good one.”

People say that macarons are hard to make. Is this true?

“They’re not too hard! It took me three tries to get my recipe right. And the first batch I made was lemon lime macarons–they were not good!”

How do you come up with flavors?

“Tea is an inspiration for my flavors. The first flavor I came up with was the Earl Grey Lavender one. I also try not to look too much on Pinterest; I try to have original flavors.”

Do you have any advice for those who want to start their own food business?

“Patience and confidence are two huge things. Just have patience for getting your ‘thing’ down.”

What are your plans for the future of XK Macarons?

“Right now I’m sketching out bakery layouts for a bakery in Atlanta or Birmingham. They’ll also be offered at more locations in August and I’ll be introducing some new flavors. I’ll also be releasing t-shirts and shipping online in early August!”

From top left to bottom right: Earl Grey with White Chocolate Ganache; Lemon; Vanilla Cream Cheese; Raspberry Dream; Espresso with Chocolate Ganache; Mint Chocolate

From top left to bottom right: Earl Grey with White Chocolate Ganache; Lemon; Vanilla Cream Cheese; Raspberry Dream; Espresso with Chocolate Ganache; Mint Chocolate

And Xanna’s macarons? They are delicious. I had the chance to try six of her macarons and my descriptions probably won’t do them justice! (Which means you have another excuse to try them!)


Mint Chocolate

This was the first one I tried and because of how perfect it was, I really had to restrain myself from eating the rest all in one sitting. Now, I’ve had some macarons in the past that were good, but had their flaws. This Mint Chocolate macaron? I couldn’t find any flaws. The meringue had the perfect texture–crispy on the outside and chewy once you bite in–and wasn’t grainy at all like some past macarons I’ve had! Also, I’m kind of picky on my filling-to-meringue ratio and I feel like the ratio on this one is perfect! There’s a not too thin, not too thick layer of the ganache and it is perfection. And what was really “love at first taste” for me was the fact that this macaron tastes like the upscale, not too artificial/mass produced version of a Thin Mint! Hello, childhood nostalgia!


Raspberry Dream

I was ecstatic to try this fruit macaron because those are so fun to try–tasting fresh, fruity flavors packed into a petite macaron is one of life’s pleasures. And this didn’t disappoint! This macaron was fresh and sweet, but not too sweet. The filling is so creamy and pairs nicely with the delicate raspberry flavor. This one definitely leaves you wanting more!

Note: This flavor review and the following ones will be a bit shorter because in the Mint Chocolate one, I remarked on the macaron texture, filling ratio, etc. and I feel as if that description describes all of the macarons! And I wouldn’t want to keep repeating everything 🙂


Earl Grey Lavender with a White Chocolate Ganache

I’m going to nickname this macaron the “Meet the Parents” of macarons, since it’s simple, elegant, and pleasing to all palates. I feel like even if you don’t like/have never had Earl Grey tea and/or lavender before, you’d still enjoy this macaron; the flavors are so subtle and stand out, but not in the punch-you-in-the-face kind of stand out! What I loved the most is how fragrant this macaron is. I mean, all of the macarons are fragrant; this one was especially so because of the tea and the lavender.


Espresso with Chocolate Ganache

I think that this macaron is the perfect breakfast macaron! The espresso perks you up, and the chocolate adds another element that goes perfectly with the espresso. This macaron take a simple combination (coffee and chocolate) and makes it complex, ending in a macaron done well.


Vanilla Cream Cheese

For macaron newbies, this vanilla cream cheese macaron is perfect to start with. The flavors are so simple and classic that most anyone would love it! The sweet vanilla pairs so well with the tangy cream cheese, so neither flavor is too overpowering. It’s also perfect for a sweet, little afternoon pick-me-up, and even more perfect for parties because of its Tiffany box blue color.



This is the macaron I wanted to try most out of the box! If you know me, you know I love lemon. And this macaron definitely didn’t let me down. The appearance doesn’t disguise anything; the yellow color and poppy seeds let lemon lovers know that they’re in for a treat. The flavor is so bright and cheery, and the filling is perfectly tart. The Lemon might be tied with the Mint Chocolate for my favorite XK Macaron 🙂

P.S. I’ve had quite a few macarons from many different places, but I can honestly say that these are the best I’ve ever had. I’m not just saying this because I’m featuring XK Macarons; I’m saying it because it’s the truth!

XK Macarons

Mae’s Bakery

2770 Lenox Road, Suite B4

Atlanta, Georgia

Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee House

352 South Atlanta Street

Roswell, Georgia, 30075

The products in this post were provided by XK Macarons. All opinions are my own and I don’t endorse a product if I don’t love it!

2 thoughts on “Local Spotlight-XK Macarons

  1. Ashley says:

    YUM! I love macaroons and didn’t know of a place in Atlanta to get them. These flavors sound delicious!

  2. […] and picked out my three favorites from the vendors. Of course, I bought some XK Macarons after falling in love with the perfection of Xanna Kidd’s macarons. I saw her holiday flavors and had to have them. So, I bought a gingerbread macaron, a peppermint […]

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