Local Spotlight-Cameli’s Gourmet Pizza Joint (L5P)

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July 9, 2013 by cookingtofeel

On Saturday, my associate pastor Emily took me and Riley to Cameli’s Gourmet Pizza Joint for my graduation present. What’s cool is that her sister Sarah manages the Little Five Points location and is a chef in the kitchen, so we got to meet her sister and just feel super cool!

The atmosphere is great at the L5P Cameli’s; there’s art everywhere and the layout of the location works really well. The staff was incredibly friendly, but I guess it helps that Emily’s sister works there 🙂


But let’s talk about the food! I got the infamous monster slice with pesto ricotta and Italian sausage on it and it was INCREDIBLE. The slice is huge and I really don’t know how anyone could eat more than one piece. And of course the pesto ricotta was delicious–I’m a huge pesto fan. Sarah makes her own Italian sausage and as soon as Emily told me this, I knew I had to get the Italian sausage on my pizza! And it definitely didn’t disappoint. Emily got a personal pizza (and I forgot what it was!!) that had pesto and gorgonzola on it. And the thing is, I didn’t think I liked gorgonzola until I tried a slice of this pizza. Amazing. I’m definitely getting this on my next trip to Cameli’s! Riley got lasagna, which looked amazing! Unfortunately, she didn’t let me try her lasagna because she ate every bit of it! But she raved about it when we got home, so I’m going to assume that it was very, very delicious. Also, Cameli’s has vegan and gluten free options, so everyone can enjoy the food!

Now for my favorite part: dessert! Sarah rotates cupcake flavors on her menu, and this time she served up a peach cobbler cupcake. My description of this cupcake probably won’t do it justice. The cake is so light and there are peaches in it, which is wonderful. And the frosting–don’t get me started! The frosting is a buttercream frosting but is the lightest, airiest buttercream I have ever tasted. And with a blueberry and struesel crumble on top, this cupcake was otherworldly. The true show stopper, however, was something I never even thought I would like. Emily had told us that everyone raves about Sarah’s gluten free brownie and I was just thinking “Yeah, yeah, gluten free. I don’t do that.” But guys, this gluten free brownie might be the best brownie I’ve ever had. And it’s gluten free! If no one told you it was gluten free, you would never know. I love dense, fudgy brownies, and this one fits this description perfectly! And served with a small scoop of vanilla bean ice cream on top? Man, this brownie is perfect.

Not only was the food great, but everything was great. And meeting Sarah was awesome because she is so cool (and reminds me of Christina Tosi, which is so, so cool!) It was hilarious seeing her and Emily joke and bicker, and reminded me of me and Riley’s relationship. The whole night was great and was just what I needed after working nonstop this summer!

Cameli’s Gourmet Pizza

337 Moreland Avenue

Atlanta, GA 30307

Cameli's Gourmet Pizza Joint on Urbanspoon

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