J’adore: Jules Edition

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July 6, 2013 by cookingtofeel


Yesterday was Jules’s Gotcha Day (or second birthday). In our house, our dogs are always rescued, so we don’t know their exact birthdays. Instead, we say that their birthday is on the day we got them, which we call their Gotcha Day.

So, little Jules is two! She’s been making so much progress and I hope that one day her past abuse will be a distant memory for her. We love her so much and she brings so much love to our house. She’s sweet, funny, and wears her heart on her sleeve–she even cries real tears when she’s sad!

In honor of Jules and her birthday/Gotcha Day, I’ve put together a list of things she loves:

  1. Daily morning walks around the neighborhood–Jules has come to know that she gets these walks every single day and gets so excited when I put on my shoes (she even tries to help me tie them by grabbing the shoelaces in her mouth)! We call it “tie shoe time” so my other dog Winnie won’t get jealous 🙂
  2. Brixtix dog treats–My mom and I recently discovered Brixtix at ICE Atlanta and ever since I bought a bag of their sweet potato + peanut butter bitty bites, my dogs suck up to me to get a treat. Seriously, I’ve never seen dogs so addicted to dog treats! For Jules’s birthday, we gave her two of their decorated treats and she, of course, loved those just as much as the treats!
  3. Hikes up Kennesaw Mountain–Needless to say, Jules is a lab trapped in a dachshund’s body. She loves being outside and exercising. She does so great on the mountain and even climbs the rocks like a champ!
  4. Wagging Green–Jules loves this line of eco-friendly collars and leashes. They’re so soft and you can tell that she feels comfortable in the collar because she doesn’t scratch or bother her neck. Plus, they’re fun and stylish! Jules has the natural color organic bamboo collar and the honey bee leash (half of the profits from this leash go towards organizations that are helping to save the honey bee!).

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