Meet Maddie the Coonhound


April 6, 2013 by cookingtofeel

Last week, my mom, sister, and I went to meet photographer Theron Humphrey and his dog Maddie the Coonhound at a book signing. You might know Maddie from Maddie on Things, and Theron now has a book out documenting Maddie’s amazing balance. For those of you who don’t know Maddie, she’s an incredible dog who can stand calmly on almost anything.


Maddie and Theron traveled the country for Theron’s photo project This Wild Idea, and along the way he took photos of Maddie. These spurred a whole new life for Maddie and Theron. Now, they have a book and a new project that spreads a good message. Why We Rescue tells the story of one family in every state who has rescued a dog or dogs. I love this project because I advocate rescuing dogs over buying them from breeders or pet stores; Why We Rescue is something I really stand for.


Theron is an incredibly cool and inspirational guy who takes beautiful photos. His message of creating what you love really means something in a world full of people working for money and fame instead of doing what they love/something better.


If you want to check out more of Maddie and Theron, head on over to their websites or buy the Maddie on Things book. This book is something you’ll want to keep around and flip through time after time. And check out Maddie on Tour to see when Maddie and Theron will be in a city near you!

One thought on “Meet Maddie the Coonhound

  1. TESSALEE says:

    Maddie is loved around the world I’m sure because I fell in love, you see how dogs mend a broken heart! She is just amazing and you now have your BETTER HALF! GOD BLESS

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