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February 9, 2013 by cookingtofeel

My mom and I got in a car accident yesterday. We were lucky and the only thing that got hurt was my mom’s car. Three people, however, weren’t so lucky and had to go to the hospital. It got me thinking.

I’ve complained about how bad my week has been since it started. I got no sleep, I was stressed out, I got a bad grade on a test, and it just wasn’t that great of a week. But in reality, what I was obsessing over as being horrible really wasn’t. A day can go so much worse than just a bad test grade.

Those three people who weren’t as fortunate as me and my mom had the worst day. And while being in the accident was horrible, my mom and I walked away just fine. My mom and I, we were lucky. We had a good day. Sure, our car needs to be fixed and the accident freaked us out and inconvenienced my family’s busy schedule, but we’re okay. We’re getting a rental car and our car can be fixed.

When you think you day is bad, there’s always someone out there who’s had a worse day. It could be worse. Luck can come in many forms, and sometimes it appears at the worst times to remind you that it’s not so bad. And for me, I learned today that my bad week hasn’t been that bad.

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