An Early Start on the Fa-la-la-la-la

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November 22, 2012 by cookingtofeel

This week I’ve been trying to start my Christmas shopping. The key word is trying. I’ve mostly just been doing fun seasonal things and buying stuff for myself. But hey–I’ve still got a month, right? And I have ideas about what to get my family and what to bake for my friends. I’m not all that lazy.

Shopping this week is, of course, a hassle. It’s hard to park, the crowds are unbearable, and the fire alarm goes off at Lenox Square. Yeah, not fun. But I am looking forward to an exciting Black Friday deal. But I’m going to be hush, hush about this one because I really want it.

I also rode Macy’s Pink Pig, a cute little train ride on the top of Lenox Square’s Macy’s that’s for little kids. But my sister and I managed to fit our bums in the seats and we were happy to ride. Actually, it was me who was the excited one. I’ve never been on the ride, even though I’ve lived in the same place for my whole life. Why not ride it now?

I really enjoyed it. It was retro, pig-themed, and the storybook ride was an adorable way to spread the Christmas cheer. Although I felt as if the giant white tent was the perfect place for an ax-murderer to kill me while in the mirrored section of the ride, I could move past the creepiness and the scary-looking person-in-costume pink pig. It didn’t blink and it kept waving at me. It was beyond creepy. It also rocked back and forth. *cue scary movie music*

While this ride is geared towards younger children (like, not 14 or 17), I’d recommend it to anyone living near Atlanta and who has never been on it before. It’s like Disneyland–but with more pigs, pink, and in the middle of the ATL.

Now, on to Thanksgiving 🙂

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