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November 3, 2012 by cookingtofeel

I know this is so incredibly late, but Halloween week was super busy for me. Nevertheless, I still found time to dress up, carve pumpkins, and celebrate this often overlooked holiday.

First stop: Pumpkin picking!

There’s this cute little church which has a plethora of pumpkins for picking every year. The proceeds benefit the church, which makes it even better to purchase pumpkins from its patch.

Riley (my sister) and I found these adorable little bumpy pumpkins.

They ended up being hard to carve, but we think they looked great! And of course we roasted the seeds to eat. I was planning on making a toasted pumpkin seed brittle, but I always have bad luck when it comes to brittle…

Next up: Halloween!

Riley dressed up as a burglar and I decided to go as Charlie Chaplin. And I’m not going to lie–we did go trick-or-treating! Hey, it’s my last year as a “kid,” so I’ve got to milk it for all it’s worth.

Halloween was super fun this year, but something just didn’t seem right. Every year, less and less houses have been handing out candy and decorating, and I’ve noticed a decline in the number of trick-or-treaters. This is an under appreciated holiday, but still one of my favorites!

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